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Looking for a new book to read?

Title Author
EarthWay: A Native American Visionary's Path
to Total Mind, Body, and Spirit Health
Mary Summer Rain
Head First HTML and CSS
A Brain Friendly Guide 2nd Edition
Robson and Freeman
Green Cities:
Urban Growth and the Environment
Matthew Kahn
Herbal Tarot Reading

The Herbal Tarot is a deck of tarot cards designed by Micheal and Candice Tierra.
They take great care in putting various foods and herbs into the divine places
of the tarot card hierarchy. I find the herbal Tarot as a way to ask the body
about its wants, needs, and hopes.

Send me a short paragraph about your issues, even if your concerns
are not physical. Emotional, mental, and spiritual issues not being
solved are the real reason for physical dis-ease. After reading about your concerns,
I can consult with the Herbal Tarot deck to find remedies that can
remove blockages, clear out stagnant ideas, and refresh your body with renewed
hope and inspiration, as well as other ways of healing. For a donation of $11.22
I will send you a list of herbs and foods to consider using throughtout the
next few weeks of change that is needed and is occuring in your life.
Some herbs can be carried or worn if not recommended for ingestion.

Price of Reading Results and Mandala...$11.22

Need a
for the table
in the
reading room
you made
in your closet

Title Author
Chromatic Homes: The Joy of
Color in Historic Places
John "Hans" Gilderbloom
Cities For People Jan Gehl
Cradle to Cradle: Re-making
the Way We Make Things

Menus for sale.

Includes recipes and ingredient lists.

Weelky Monthy
$11.11 $33.33

Take your health
into your own hands.

Title Author
Healthy Healing: An Alternative
Healing Reference
Linda Rector Page
Heal Your Body: The Mental Causes
for Physical Illness and
the Metaphysical Way to Overcome Them
Louise Hay
Planetary Herbology: An Integration
of Western Herbs into the
Traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic Systems
Michael Tierra

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