Sunny Ways 2

Brighten Your DAY

Morning Pep

  • Eat your fruits.
  • --great for elimination processes-

  • Stretch! Salute to the Sun!
  • --six easy poses to start your day-

  • Enjoy a healthy drink.
  • --fruit and yogurt smoothies-

    --never too early for carrot juice-

  • Easy pak snack.
  • --nuts and dried fruit-

    --fruit and nut bars are the same-

    Mantra for the Day

    Saying a few words to remind yourself there is an energy
    that is greater than all of us,
    can be just the right attitude adjustment to get you through your busy day.


    Translated into English this phrase means --praise to the jewel in the lotus.
    Many chant Om Mani Padme Hum rhythmically to help their mind, body, and speech to reach the status of a Buddha.


    The great refresher.

    Research has shown that by chanting Om for a few minutes, whether out loud or silently,
    can increase our levels of energy and endorphins.
    This syllable can also relieve feelings of lethargy.
    Need to balance out those hormones causing mood swings, try chanting Om instead of counting to ten.