Sunny Ways 2

Brighten Your HEALTH

Why Eat Healthy?

When we eat
whole foods
we are gaining vital nutrition.
When we eat foods
that are high in additives,
the food becomes
less healthy
and the body has
a harder time with digestion.

Here are some links
to check out about
unhealthy food additives.

  • 7 Food Additives and
    Preservatives to Avoid
  • 22 Additives and
    Preservatives to Avoid
  • 48 Food Additives to Avoid--
    Could These Be In Your Diet?
  • In the mean time...

    cut these ingredients
    from your daily diet.

    Artificial Sweeteners
    Artificial Colors
    Artificial Flavorings
    High Fructose Corn Syrup
    Trans Fats

    Eat a food from every color of the rainbow every week.

    Make it a goal to eat a food
    from every color of the rainbow.
    Try something new.

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    What do you drink the most of?

    Don't answer now.
    Think about it.
    Actually log all your drinks for a week.
    If the answer is not WATER--
    you need to cut it out!

    What else is there to drink?

    Juices. Teas with Honey
    *Coffee* (i'm an avid coffee drinker)--
    but i do suggest better qualities
    (and brands) of coffee.