Sunny Ways 2

Brighten Your BEAUTY

Essential Oil List

Use essential oils
by the drop.

In the United States,
essential oils
are only approved
for external use.

Some common
essential oils--

Lavendar Oil
Peppermint Oil
Lemon Oil
Ylang Ylang Oil
Eucalyptus Oil
Cedarwood Oil
Frankincense Oil
Bergamot Oil
Tea Tree Oil
Cinnamon Oil

Some essential oils
can burn the skin.
Strong essentail oils
can be mixed with
a massage oil
or almond oil.

Bath Scrubs

Salt Body Scrub
Pink salt or dead sea salt, essential oils of choice (lavendar is relaxing and smells nice), and small amount of almond oil

Sugar Face Scrub
Brown sugar, almond oil, essential oil of choice (lemon oil is engergizing and perks you up)

Having an avacado with your meal?

  • use a quarter of your avacado
  • mash it up
  • add a dash of honey, oatmeal, or yougurt
  • apply to face
  • rinse
  • enjoy smooth soft skin
  • Food for Thought

    Other fruits you can use for facials
    Papaya is rejuvanative
    Pineapple can help remove scars
    And dont forget about Oatmeal and Aloe