Sunny Ways 2

Brighten Your TEA PARTY

A Theme You Can Celebrate
All Year Around

What moon is it?

  1. January...Wolf Moon
  2. February...Snow Moon
  3. March...Worm Moon
  4. April...Pink Moon
  5. May...Flower Moon
  6. June...Strawberry
  7. July...Buck Moon
  8. August...Sturgeon Moon
  9. September...Corn Moon
  10. October...Hunter's Moon
  11. November...Beaver Moon
  12. December...Cold Moon
  13. 13th Moon Cycle...Blue Moon

It doesn't even have to be the full moon
to have a tea party...
plan your tea party any time
of the month you want.

Plan snacks, trivia, and activites
around the moon cycle names.

Steep Times

Leaves Flowers, Stems
& Berries
1-2 minutes 3-5 minutes 5-7 minutes

Need help picking a theme?

Picking a theme for your tea party
can make the fun last all year long.

Want to shake it up?

Have a SuperHero party.
You can dress up.
Have SuperFood snacks.
Play SuperIntellect games.

To Brighten Your Tea Party

Pick a Theme.

Month Flower Gemstone
January Carnation Garnet
February Iris Amethyst
March Daffodil Bloodstone
April Daisy Diamond
May Lily of the Valley Emerald
June Rose Pearl
July Larkspur Ruby
August Gladiolus Peridot
September Aster Sapphire
October Marigold Opal
November Chrysanthenum Topaz
December Poinsetta Turquoise